Rene' Reyes -    Inspirational Speaker-Success Coach-Award Winning Author
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Rene Reyes International is the sibling brand belonging to wealthy European conglomerate Rene Reyes. 

Just like our Parent brands, we specialise in assisting small to medium sized businesses to become aware of what is impeding their progress, and to focus on achieving a better commercial result.  We use a coaching approach, so that our clients come to understand their own business and become skilled in managing themselves, their business, and others. We also use the neuroscience and physics approach to help business owners understand the psychological measured steps to success that must be utilized for success and proven financial gain. 

We have group coaching packages which are the most affordable as well as exclusive one on one coaching sessions that typically range from $5000 to $25,000 per scheduled session. 

We specialize in developed and managed relationships with high-level stakeholders in other countries, whose Qualtiy Assurance or Resolutions Divisions will reach out for review of having their participation better utilised. Because of this awesome approach. Rene Reyes as the brand talent has assisted on the intermediary level thousands of organizations by way of their managers, Team Leads or executive candidates  including SWGA|SWBell Inc| McDonald’s CEOs| GCIM||TMN GBT|TBPT| CBPLl|  Ecuador|senior executives|Various Property Management firms| KMG GROUPS| VNBY|VariousMedical Centers| retail groups and country training directors| program managers| team leaders etc; to reference a few.   Rene Reyes uses her unique resources to help boost the marketing and promotional value to the most amazing heights! Additionally, we offer very well designed coaching and mentoring packages, including an online academy, virtual coaching and in person one on one mega sessions all year. We also host 4 major international events for our most elite clientele, where we retreat to prominent tropical places worldwide! 


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